Freelance Product Designer & UX Architect

BerlinMar 2023 - Sep 2023 (7 mos)

  • Support for creating a single purpose app combining music and video on demand platform
  • CRO for registration and payment funnels
  • Improving account management
  • Supporting Design System topics for RTL+ Library
Freelance UX Designer & Design System Manager

BerlinOct 2022 - Feb 2023 (5 mos)

  • Improved product-to-market response for various webshops
  • Identified design decisions and created overview of design tokens
  • Built headless design system based on latest Shopware for all Triple A brands
  • Designed to provide scalable, future-proof solution for internet shop landscape
User Experience Designer

BerlinJan 2020 - Oct 2022 (2 yrs 9 mos)

  • Conducted user research and designed solutions to improve usability
  • Increased conversion rate of business product by 25% through A/B testing and usability tests
  • Maintained design system and developed overarching design approaches for the company
UI / UX Designer

UlmJan 2018 - Jan 2020 (2 yrs)

  • Utilizing Lean UX methodologies to design user interfaces and user experiences
  • Specializing in creating concepts for a private car sharing app on iOS and Android platforms
  • Developing design systems and component libraries
  • Leading design workshops and mentoring team members on design tooling and methodology
Freelance UI / UX Designer

BerlinMay 2016 - Jun 2017 (1 yr 1 mos)

  • Designing mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms
  • Providing UX consulting services for various projects
  • Redesigning websites to improve user experiences and brand awareness
  • Leading UX workshops for mobility app development
Freelance UI / UX Designer

BerlinSep 2015 - Dec 2016 (1 yr 3 mos)

  • Created new concept and redesigned homepage
  • Improved user experience as a freelance UX designer
Junior Web Designer

BerlinOct 2014 - Aug 2015 (10 mos)

  • Developing concepts for corporate identities
  • Creating advertisements
  • Designing mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms
  • Providing UX consulting services and implementing design solutions for conversion optimization
  • Preparing and delivering pitch presentations and pitch decks


Mediengestalter (Digital & Print)

BerlinOct 2011 - Feb 2013 (1 yr 9 mos)

Ernst Litfass Schule


Design Systems

As a design systems specialist, I am dedicated to using the most advanced techniques to create cohesive and scalable design solutions. My expertise includes creating and maintaining design systems, such as using Figmas nested components and tokens plugin, to ensure that all designs and products align with brand guidelines and best practices. I have a highly efficient design approach that is easy for developers to implement, resulting in efficient product development.

User Experience Design

I am passionate about creating user-centered designs and excel at turning complex ideas into intuitive and seamless user experiences. My process includes user research, prototyping, and testing to ensure that the final product meets the needs of the target audience. Whether working on web or mobile applications, my goal is to create a positive and engaging experience for users.

Conversion Rate Optimization

I specialize in conversion rate optimization and am skilled at creating effective experiences that convert through user research, usability testing, and design thinking, while considering material and human interface design guidelines. I have a proven track record of improving website performance through data analysis, A/B testing, and UX optimization. I am committed to delivering tangible results for my clients and constantly seeking new ways to improve performance."

Technology & Applications


Preferred design application and “weapon of choice”. I have been optimizing my workflow with a focus on efficiency and state-of-the-art design- / system methods for the past 4 years.Most used plugins Token Studio Figma Plugin, Auto Layout Shortcuts, Supa Palette, Design System Organizer, Propstar, Style Organizer, JSON to Figma, Smooth Shadow, Efficiency Shortcuts (Selfmade)

Token Studio

Token Studio helps to ensure consistency and maintainability in design by centralizing and automating the use of these variables. It can be used to create and edit tokens, apply them to styles in Figma, and export them for use in other platforms.


App of choice between 2014 - 2019. I would always prefer Figma over Sketch but I have some experience with Sketch aswell.